Thursday, November 29, 2007

I'm Trying To Have A Good Attitude...

So I'm hanging out at our local coffee shop typing out a completely new essay for my application to Syracuse University. A very interesting cross section of folks come though on any given evening, but tonight I have a special treat: a christian college open mic night. I am tempted to just leave, but I actually get a lot of work done in here, a different type of distraction than at home. Joanna doesn't get it, but it works for me down here.

So I decide to stick it out. Unfortunately my worst fears are realized. No open mic, just some christian pop quasi-worship cd about being a delicate flower fading. What's up with the Jesus-is-my-boyfriend music these days? Marketing, that's what.

So the coffee shop should be closed, but instead it is just like Wednesday night youth group. Instead of hanging out together in a public place mixed in with (gasp!) the unsaved, they wait until everyone goes home to congregate.

So I'm trying not to have a bad attitude, but they make it so hard. I mean if they do a lot of outreach during the week and want to relax together, then great, but I have the distinct feeling that doesn't happen. It only breeds complacency and indifference to the people on the outside.

I'm waiting to see if anyone comes up and just says hello to me. I'm sure they are just being polite since I am typing, but if others were in here, would they approach them? Not with a message mind you, but with genuine, nonjudgemental love. I hope. I really do.


ded said...

so fix it, by just giving the non-judgmental love

ded said...

Syracuse would be terrific! Freida and I just visited there in October. Well, sort of. We flew into and out of Syracuse for our stay in Ithaca, NY. On the morning of our flight out, we arrived back in Syracuse early and drove around the campus of Syracuse University before heading to the airport. Central New York had some of the most beautiful farmland we have ever seen!!

Seth said...

one of the identifying marks of meaningful critique on historical New Testament Christianity is a willingness for dialogue or "conversation". are you open to that? if so, give me a call.

ded said...

How did a comment I left on the blog of someone in New York end up on your blog, Mike? I am flabbergasted!

Mike Ross said...

LOL. I dunno.

What's up? I'm always open for conversation, though after the holidays and traveling to Inda. LOL!